Obstacles Women Face When Working in the Tech World

Most of the time when we are talking about the tech world we are only focusing about what new inventions have been showcased, how many new companies have been started, how much of a good service are these companies providing, etc. We rarely talk about the people who are actually employed in the field. Especially, we do not talk a lot about whether or not gender has become a problem in the tech field too.

In any other field in the society, most of the time, we get to see a different approach to female and male employees. Actually, this situation exists in the tech field too. Some of the common problems women have to face in the tech field are given below.

Social Prejudice

We all know though there are more mathematicians and scientists who are female in today’s world society still has this prejudice women do not understand mathematics and science. In the same way, there is also a notion or rather a prejudice against women in the tech world considering women do not have any technological knowledge. That is simply not true as there are quite intelligent women working in the tech field.

Salary Discrimination

The salary discrimination between male and female employees does exist in the tech field too. Though this discrimination is not seen at enter level jobs you can see this clearly as the designations become higher.

Consideration as a Sex Object

Women are treated like sex object in this field too and it is not quite surprising considering the fact this is a male dominated industry. However, that is not an excuse for such lower level behavior from men.

Not Giving the Deserving Credit

Also, another obstacle women face in this field is not getting the recognition or credit they should be getting for the work they are doing for the companies they are working for. Situations where a female employee driving a whole campaign to promote an application to success never getting her name mentioned as a contributor for the app is not actually uncommon.

Despite all of these obstacles and ones which are not mentioned here there are still female employees entering the tech world and working there every day. By now large corporations seem to understand the value of treating both types of employees equally. There are projects to support this notion coming to be implemented. However, there is still progress to be made. Both genders should work together to create a positive change in the tech world working environment for everyone.

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